Wayana International Foundation for Awareness and Integration of People with Disabilities is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006. Wayana was one of the very early foundations established to serve persons with disabilities in Egypt and the Middle East. The foundation focuses on four strategic interventions to enhance the wellbeing and integration of Persons with Disabilities in society. These interventions, actions, and activities are organized under four main programs:

Wayana International Foundation assumes the responsibility to integrate children and adults with disabilities in the society as well as increasing awareness of the society advocating and providing support to fulfill their needs, solve their problems, and provide practical solutions on the personal, institutional, and governmental levels.

An individual's life does not begin until he is able to move beyond the narrow confines of his individual concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity


Towards a highly integrated society where differences and diversity are accepted, respected, and cherished.


Altering the public perception about persons with disabilities promoting them as competent productive citizens who have the rights to receive education and work contributing to the economic growth in Egypt and the Middle East region.


The Foundation’s Projects

To achieve the mission of the Wayana Foundation to raise awareness and integrate people with disabilities into society, we work to achieve the principle of integration in schools, companies, and society as a whole through the following axes and programs: