The idea of establishing an entity concerned with educating the community, families, and workers in the field of disability and working to integrate them into society began with Mrs. Hala Abdel Khaleq, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, in 2006, after God gave her her daughter, Jamila, who was born in the United States of America – several years before this date – When she discovered that her child had Down Syndrome, she did not have time to think about what she would do or what her child’s condition would be like because she found support from those around her. The hospital explained how to deal with her child and she received many phone calls from parents of children who had gone through the same experience. She found an integrated system. Of support for her and her child.

When she returned to Egypt, the situation was different, as there is no system that provides support to the family and child with disabilities, but rather a number of scattered services that vary in their quality and benefit to the family and child.

Hence the initiative to establish an institution that works to raise awareness about people with disabilities and that they are an integral part of the fabric of society and must be fully integrated as active, productive individuals who constitute a basic pillar of society.

Therefore, the group of founders of the Wayana Foundation, who are a group of businessmen and families of children with disabilities, developed a sense of activating their role towards society to contribute within non-governmental organizations to raise awareness of society and integrate people with disabilities.

The role of the “Weyana” Foundation from the first moment was distinguished by the fact that it is primarily based on building a complete and integrated system that serves individuals with disabilities and their issues, and that the Weyana Foundation is a house of expertise that works to raise the efficiency and develop the performance of services and people working in the field of various disabilities.

Dr. Hala Abdel Khalek Word

The Founder and the Board Director of the Wayana Foundation and former Secretary General of the National Council for Disability Affairs

Based on the belief in the importance of raising awareness of people with disabilities and emphasizing that they are part of the fabric of society that must be integrated and fused to be a productive addition, the motivation for establishing the Wayana Foundation was to serve as an important gateway for working to raise awareness in the entire society regarding people with disabilities and to enhance respect for their constitutional rights that are reflected in Their economic contributions and raising awareness of their capabilities and integration by providing a range of diverse services and programs that are supportive and comprehensive for all age stages. Thanks to the Almighty God, the institution was declared and registered with the Ministry of Solidarity under No. 6667 of 2006 so that it has the legal capacity to deal with all institutions and bodies, and efforts continue in full swing to achieve this. Targets.